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Scatty Bat Graphix:  For all your domestic graphics, magnetics, window films and signage etc.
  Scatty Bat Graphix:
For domestic graphics,
magnetics, window films
and signage etc.

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Keyline GraphixKeyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix

or 'ETCHED GLASS' Effect Window Films:

available in just about any size.
(As often used on TV home improvement / DIY shows.)
window film photo

For domestic & commercial uses

Alternatively, please Contact Us for a free quote if you require any specific 'cut-to-size' sheets or designs cut-out etc.


window film image
What's the difference between 'frosted' and 'etched'?

Well, basically, the 'etched-glass', (our most popular range), g
ives the effect of a plain 'acid-etched glass' window. The 'frosted'-glass' has a fine, silvery-spreckled 'frosted' effect. Both styles provide privacy, security and decoration.

Click HERE for comparison photo.

We will gladly post some free samples to you, if you wished, with totally no obligation.

'Etched-glass' and 'frosted-glass' effect films:

These window films are a modern and stylish way to give privacy and decoration. The overall effects are of an etched glass or frosted-glass window ... only they are achieved at a fraction of the cost of the 'real thing', using high-quality self-adhesive vinyl.

They are normally supplied 'off-the-roll' for completely, (or partly), covering your windows.
Easily fitted, the vinyl can be used for privacy, security or decoration on bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and patio door/entrance door windows etc.
, etc... (It is very durable and easy to clean.)

As well as stopping outsiders from looking in, it is also ideal for obscuring any unsightly buildings/traffic etc that may be visible from your window. Can also be used for safety reasons. ie; stripes/shapes, (or 'manifestations' as they are officially known), positioned to prevent people walking into glass doors etc. Can also be used to help prevent birds flying into windows etc.

We can also supply 'designer' film with cut-out designs. You can either choose from one of our own designs or we can reproduce just about any other ideas you may require. (The cut-out sections, as well as being decorative, allow you to peep through to see the outside world!)

Business users can have privacy film or etched-glass lettering and logos for shop/office windows etc...

The vinyl, once fitted (following the easy-to-follow fitting instructions), is totally resistant to moisture and condensation, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms etc.

Fully illustrated fitting instructions supplied with order. (Also see our 'Fitting' Hints and Advice section.)

For example photos and designs, please click HERE

If you would like to place a specialist order, (rather than buying 'off-the-roll' from our online shop), or if you have any queries and would like a free quotation, please don't hesitate to contact us. (With totally no obligation)

window film photo
window film photo
window film photo
window film photo

(Machine-cutting size limits may apply to some of the custom-designs.)


Keyline Graphix Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix

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