Terms and Conditions (Disclaimer):

Full details, including pricing, ordering/contact details and delivery times etc., would be clearly stated in any e-mail replies. Should the customer decide to place an order, we will endeavour to fulfil all our commitments and provide a professional and friendly service, before, during and after sales. All personal/business details given to us will be kept strictly private and confidential. We NEVER pass on details to third parties. Once an order has been accepted, either verbally or in writing, the customer has a short 'cooling-off' period of time in which to cancel - though, as we pride ourselves on a speedy service, this period may sometimes be quite short. (Times vary, as each job is different! Written details on request for each individual order.) So the customer needs to contact us immediately with any changes/cancellations because if we have already started with the production, any materials used may, at our discretion, need to be paid for. It is the customers' responsibility to inform us if they would like the work put 'on-hold' for a few days, otherwise we would quickly proceed with production as normal, in order to dispatch the goods as soon as possible. We cannot be held responsible for any errors, either on our website or in any e-mail/phone/verbal/fax correspondence etc., that may have escaped our attention, and we reserve the right to make any alterations at short notice. (This includes correcting mis-priced quotations, incorrect artwork, typing errors and any others that may have occured.) We would correct these errors as soon as possible after they came to our attention, and customers would be notified of any changes, again as soon as possible afterwards. Though mistakes of this nature are a very rare occurence.

We endeavour to make the whole process of fitting/using our various products as easy as possible, but we cannot accept responsibility for any damage or injury which may occur, (ie: personal injuries, to yourself or others, whilst using our products, squeegees, packaging/paperwork, or any craft-knives, tools, heat guns or step ladders etc... Also any damage to property or vehicles, as well as the actual products themselves etc...) All these responsibilities, and more, lie with the purchaser/customer. Also, it is the customer's own responsibility to gain any required permissions, (ie: planning permission and legal advice on signage, windscreen visibility etc...), and we cannot be held responsible for any outcome and/or legal implications that may occur due to these processes. In the unlikely event of any goods being returned to us, they must be properly packaged by the purchaser/customer, preferably in the packaging they arrived in, and returned to us in perfect, unused condition, within 14 days from receipt, using a 'signature-on-receipt' service. (It would help if we were contacted by e-mail first, to inform us of any complaint.) Only then can we issue the agreed refund/replacement, which would be posted/transfered by us as soon as possible. We will cover the cost of return postage, but a limit may need to be placed upon it, depending on which service is to be used. This would be agreed by both parties prior to returning the goods, and may need to be verified by the postal/courier service. Once verified, if a refund is required rather than a replacement, a cheque/transfer would be issued in the customer's name. We reserve the right to charge in full, or in part for any materials used, should the customer decide against keeping any 'custom-made' items, for any reason, which we would be unable to restock/resell. We endeavour to meet all stated deadlines, but cannot be held responsible for packages going astray, or being damaged, once they have been dispatched. The goods should be unpacked, checked and used/fitted as soon as possible. Any damages must be reported immediately. Also, we reserve the right to place a further delivery charge if the package is returned to us 'uncollected/undelivered', and needs to be dispatched by us a second time. It is the purchaser's/customer's responsibility to inform us if they will be unavailable to receive any goods at any particular time/day. All our packages need to be signed for, and can arrive any day excluding Sundays and Bank holidays etc. We will inform you via e-mail, wherever possible, when the goods have actually been dispatched. (Specific delivery dates can be arranged by prior arrangement.)

We always, where appropriate, offer free samples of our 'frosted/etched-glass effect' and other vinyl colours etc., so the customer can check them prior to placing an order. If this offer is not taken up, (or the sample is received and we are lead to believe that it is acceptable for the purpose it is intended; ie: the customer states the fact or makes no indication that it is not suitable), and the customer subsequently decides, after we have processed and dispatched the order, that the vinyl/goods are not what they expected, we reserve the right to charge for the materials, (and/or waiver any refund if paid in advance), especially if they cannot be re-stocked/re-sold. (This is a necessary and not unreasonable step as the vast majority of our work is 'custom-made', rather than 'off-the-shelf' and as such, is mostly unable to be re-sold to anyone else.) It is in the customers best interests, unless they are totally confident/familiar with the vinyls/colours etc, to accept the offer of the free samples before actually placing the order, so they can see the effect(s) in the exact position(s)/location(s) where they are intended to be placed, as different lighting conditions can sometimes affect the overall 'look' of the products. We will always endeavour to match colours etc as close as we can to any supplied artwork/descriptions wherever possible, but again, unless our offer of free colour samples is taken up, we cannot be held responsible for any mismatched shades etc. Any 'exact-size' cuts will be produced as close as possible to the required dimensions, but, due to the very nature of the manufacturing process, and machinery run-offs etc., there may sometimes be a very slight difference - but this is normally so small a tolerance that it wouldn't be noticed.

Advertising with us, (on any of our websites):
We can only accept adverts/links/articles to sites which are 'family friendly', and reserve the right to refuse any requests, or remove ads/links/articles, if we feel they are not suitable for us to display. (This also applies to any existing contracts/clients which may have changed the purpose of their business to anything unsuitable, which wasn't apparent when the advertising was first accepted). We will leave the accepted adverts on our site for as long as required, and will update/alter them at your request, usually at no extra cost, (providing the size/positioning etc remains the same). Any long-term ads placed with us can be ended at any time by yourself, though any fees paid upfront, (whether yearly or monthly), are un-refundable. We will endeavour to keep our website(s) as up-to-date and 'search-engine friendly' as possible, (and so enable a constant flow of visitors), though we cannot be held responsible for any matters out of our hands, such as ISP problems or 'peaks and troughs' when it comes to visitor levels, or indeed how often visitors actually click on external banner links/adverts.

The copyright for any designs/artwork/fonts etc. remains the right of the particular owners. Our costs cover materials/labour and not the actual images used. All remaining designs are the property of Keyline Graphix.
We reserve the right to use any photographic images or feedback etc of completed jobs as part of our publicity, (ie: website example photos etc.), but these will, of course, be removed if requested by the client.

All details and images on this site, and in any correspondence, are believed to be correct and have been rigorously checked, but if any slight errors have been overlooked, although regrettable, we cannot be held liable, and we reserve the right to make any alterations at short notice.

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