"Original Authentic Articles"

All the fitting guides, hints and tips, (wording and images) on this site are unique to us, Keyline Graphix, and are intended as a helpful set of free guides to enable our products to be fitted with ease.

The exact guides were written with a great deal of care, time and effort, and it is unfortunate that a competitor, (who shall remain nameless), has decided to copy, almost word-for-word, some of our online fitting instructions. As we put a great deal of work into these guides, we would like to ensure all our visitors and customers that we wrote these original articles, (in case anyone is under the impression that it was us who did the copying.)

We pride ourselves on our customer service and feel it's a shame that other's have decided to 'borrow' our hard-work. We realize that similar fitting methods are used by all companies in our catagory, but an almost identical description, (with just the odd word altered here-and-there), is just too much of a coincidence, (as we use several expressions and phrases highly unlikely to be duplicated accidentally!). All our original web pages/codes are filed as proof, and any of our vast amount of previous customers would also be able to vouch for their authenticity and online presence. (We have also always enclosed 'printed' versions of the fitting instructions with our past orders, for many years, to back up the point.)

Although we have updated our website(s) numerous times over the years, the older versions can still be found archived online, (as can any old websites), by using a useful free search engine we have found, called 'WayBackMachine' , (although I'm sure there will be other similar search facilities online.) This shows all previous pages from our original 'Freeserve' website, (prior to us obtaining a domain name.) By typing in various dates, (and inserting the http://www.keylinegraphix.freeserve.co.uk/fitting1.html page), you will be able to see that our 'fitting guides' were uploaded onto the site on 14th January 2003 ... although the actual full site itself, (minus the guides) has been going for many years before this. This proves without doubt that our guides are the originals, unlike the 'borrower' who's 'guides' were not online, at the very least, before about 2005.