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To those unfamiliar with self-adhesive vinyl graphics

(Brief description)

The modern way to produce signs and graphics is by the use of self-adhesive vinyl. All work is designed on computer and 'cut out' in vinyl, which is then applied to the surface required.

It is vastly quicker and more economical than the old methods of sign production, and provides very high quality results and durability.

Vinyl lettering / logos are completely weatherproof, don't fade or flake and, if fitted properly, can far out-last traditional 'hand-painted' signs. (Plus should you decide, in the future, to part with your vehicle or change the lettering etc., the vinyl can be removed using an electric heat-gun (or hot hair dryer), which eliminates the costly expense of a re-spray etc.) For fully illustrated fitting instructions, please click; Here

Firstly, the artwork is prepared on computer to the customer's specifications. A specialist sign software is used to produce the graphic designs.
computer photo
vinyl photo
The self-adhesive vinyl is manufactured in rolls of up to 50m in length. These are fed through the cutting-machines ready for the jobs to be transferred over to them from the computer.
A precision cutting-blade scores through the surface of the vinyl, 'cutting out' the required lettering. vinyl photo
vinyl photo
Once the cutting process is finished, the vinyl is removed from the machine and the unwanted waste vinyl is discarded - or 'weeded' away.
The weeded graphics are then covered with a paper 'application tape'. (Similar to 'lo-tak' masking tape.) This enables the letters to be removed from the glossy silicon backing in one complete section, rather than having to fit each letter individually. (This is usually how the graphics would be prepared for you.) vinyl photo
vinyl photo
When ready, the lettering is removed from the silicon backing paper by lifting up the application tape. The complete section can then be taken to the surface required.
The graphics are tacked gently onto the surface, using a tape measure at this point if required. They can normally be fitted either 'wet' or 'dry'. (See one of the 'fitting instructions' sections for more details.) vinyl photo
vinyl photo
Once in position, the lettering is flattened to the surface, either with a plastic squeegee, firm credit card or a cloth. (Again, more details on the fitting instructions' sections.)
Finally, the application tape is peeled away, leaving the individual letters firmly fixed to the surface. Job done! vinyl photo


Notes on removal of old self-adhesive vinyl:

Use an electric heat gun or hot hair dryer to gently warm the vinyl to be removed, taking care not to overheat any glass or painted surfaces etc. Carefully lift one corner of the vinyl, using a blade or window-scraper etc., and peel away the vinyl. Repeat on all required sections until completely removed. Any slight glue residue left behind can easily be removed using a 'Tar and Glue Remover', (which is available from most car accessory shops), or white spirit.

Important: Please take care when using the extremely hot heat guns, especially where glass, paintwork and other similar surfaces are concerned. They are quite safe and efficient to use, providing care is taken. Always hold the heat gun 'well away' from the surface, and your own hands, while you work. Just enough warmth to allow the vinyl to be softened is all that is necessary. Always handle heat guns with care and keep them away from children. Also always allow them time to cool down afterwards before storing away.


These instructions, as well as any others on this site, are merely intended as a guide to fitting our various products. Although we endeavour to be as efficient as possible with our instructions, and include as many details as we can, we cannot be held responsible for any problems, damages or indeed injuries, which might occur. As with all DIY projects, the person or persons carrying out the work is/are held responsible. ( Terms and Conditions )

Keyline Graphix Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
Keyline Graphix
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